Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Something Good to Have on Stand-By

A brunch with friends was planned for the end of Week 25 and I figured a breakfast pie would be a hearty dish that all of us could enjoy.  The trick for this dish was finding a breakfast pie that did not involve potatoes.  My husband is not a fan of potatoes, and believe it or not, most breakfast pies throw potatoes in the mix.

Earlier in the month I had seen a recipe for a pie with egg, cheese, bacon and potato, so I decided I would do a little modification of my own and make a pie using all but the potato.  In order to make this happen I used portions of the recipe I had found, as well as a recipe I had used in December for Three Cheese and Onion Pie.

I used a parbaked All Butter Crust for this pie.

The filling consisted of small pieces of bacon, a cup of cheese (Mexican cheese is what I had on hand, though any number of cheeses could be substituted here), small amounts of cayenne, salt, and pepper, half & half, and eggs.  The most time consuming part was frying up the bacon before mixing all the other ingredients together.

This pie was tasty, but not a show-stopper.  Would I make this Egg,Bacon and Cheese Pie again?  Yep, but not for a crowd you need to impress.  Thankfully, my brunch was among friends and no one went away unhappy, including me.

Egg, Bacon and Cheese Pie

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